New Members Join UE in Two NLRB Elections in Ohio

June 14, 2016

UE Local 716 has gained 50 new members through National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections at two rail yards in Ohio. Local 716 is the new statewide local of rail crew van drivers in Ohio employer by Hallcom (formerly Renzenberger.) These two wins bring to seven the number of rail yards represented by the Local 716. The NLRB counted the ballots on June 13.

UE Renzenberger Workers in Six States Achieve National Contract

December 7, 2015

In the last several weeks, concluding on December 2, some 250 Renzenberger drivers in 14 rail yards in Nevada; Galesburg, Illinois; Ohio and New Jersey voted to join with 950 drivers in California and Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana in a national union contract. The new national agreement raises wages, adds paid time off days, and provides protections against favoritism and unfair discipline, including a strong grievance procedure and the right to union representation.

California Renzenberger Drivers Ratify First Contract, Uniting Them with Chicago Members

October 15, 2014

After a four year struggle for a real union and four months of negotiations, including 13 days at the bargaining table, Renzenberger drivers in California have ratified their first UE contract by a margin of more than 96 percent. In a major breakthrough, the union won the company’s agreement that drivers in California and the Chicago area – two of the company’s biggest markets – will be under the same contract, which will expire August 23, 2018.

California Renzenberger Drivers Ratify First UE Contract

September 19, 2014

On Thursday, September 18 the bargaining committee of new UE Local 1077 reached a tentative agreement for a labor agreement covering 600 Renzenberger rail crew drivers at more than 30 rail yards around California. In meetings in 24 locations around the state over 10 days, finishinig on October 3, members voted over 96 percent to ratify the contract. We will have details of the new contract here soon.

California Renzenberger Drivers Vote to Join UE

February 19, 2014

In February, by a margin of nearly 2 to 1 over the incumbent company union, Renzenberger rail crew drivers at more than 30 rail yards covering the length of California voted in a mail-ballot election to be represented by UE. Like Renzenberger drivers who have previously joined UE in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey and Ohio, these workers suffered from low wages, outrageously unfair work rules, abusive bosses, and lack of benefits.