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Keep It Made In Erie

The members of UE Local 506 – our biggest local, representing 3,500 workers at the Erie, Pennsylvania plant of General Electric – are in a major fight for jobs. On April 9, management of GE Transportation announced to United Electrical Workers (UE) Local 506 that it intends to transfer a substantial amount of work done by our members to its newly-built non-union facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Local 506 members build locomotives and wheel motors for large mining trucks, as well as components for both, and GE plans to move major portions of both the locomotive and motorized wheel work to Texas.

UE Young Activists

You know the score. Bosses and bankers get outrageous paychecks and bonuses while workers and our families fight hard to hold on to what we've won.

This battle will continue well into the future – and, in far too many cases, UE local leaders could use some help today.

We need activists now – and leaders tomorrow. If you're a UE member interested in helping your local leadership and learning how to take on tough battles in the future, we want to talk to you!

Warehouse Workers for Justice

Warehouse Workers for Justice is a new organization founded to win justice for warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois. We are an independent workers center founded by the UE Research and Education Fund after UE's successful plant occupation at Republic Windows and Doors in December, 2008.

International Solidarity

Fighting for Workers' Rights in the New World Order

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Solidarity Website

When corporate decisions made half a world away can impact jobs and investments with the speed of keystroke, what choice do working people have but to make alliances across national boundaries? When U.S. politicians are beholden to transnational corporations, what choice do U.S. working people have but to make common cause with workers elsewhere in the world?