UE Leadership and Staff Development Program


Eight UE members from racial and ethnic backgrounds who are currently underrepresented in UE leadership or on the UE staff to participate in a special year-long structured program beginning with a six-day program starting several days before the UE National Convention in September.


Program participants will gain experiences and develop skills to give greater leadership within the union. The September program will focus on the skills and analysis required for leadership. Participants may be called upon to take part in short-term field work during the year as well as an additional group program.


Arrival is Thursday, September 16, in time for a 5 pm orientation session. The program starts with a series of pre-convention meetings and trainings and continues through the Tuesday morning workshop session at the convention, September 21. Costs covered by the national union include up to six days per diem, five nights hotel, up to four days lost time, and travel to and from Pittsburgh.


Members interested in participating should email Kari Thompson – UE Director of Education kthompson@ueunion.org no later than August 12th to be considered as a candidate for the program.  Locals are encouraged to sponsor additional participants. Contact Kari Thompson for more information.