Local Union Subsidy Program

The National Union, as approved by the General Executive Board (GEB) in January 2001, offers to eligible UE Locals convention hotel and lost time reimbursement for one delegate per local.

Remember, this is a reimbursement for expenses. Locals are expected to pay up front and the National Union will reimburse you for qualified expenses. See details below.


To qualify for the above convention reimbursement subsidies UE Locals must prove that they have no more than $10,000 in their General Fund accounts, which includes checking, savings and CDs. These eligibility requirements will be determined and verified with the information that is submitted on the Local’s quarterly audit report for the period April, May and June 2023. It is very important for all Locals to be up-to-date in the filing of these quarterly audit reports. There will be no other acceptable documentation for determining and verifying eligibility.

Reimbursement Subsidy Amount

Reimbursement will be made for four (4) days lost-time and four (4) days hotel room at the single/ double room rate of $154.00 + 14% tax. For delegates unable to drive in Sunday morning, a hotel subsidy will be paid for a fifth night. As in the past, the delegate must attend all of the convention sessions to have the subsidies paid.

To Receive Reimbursement

Subsidy forms will be available at the convention and Locals are to submit these completed forms with a voucher and hotel bill. Locals will have a 90-day time limit (from the last day of convention) to submit their subsidy reimbursement requests to the National Union. All requests received after this 90-day period will be denied.

Locals that are not in the financial position to follow these guidelines should contact General Secretary Treasurer Andrew Dinkelaker at 412-471-8919 to make special arrangements. Please remember that we must have your quarterly audit report for April, May and June 2023 for any special arrangements to be considered.