Technical Requirements

The National Union has put together this list of technical requirements that all local delegates (and alternates) will need to meet in order for UE to have a successful virtual convention.

Each delegate/alternate will need to:

  • Join using a personal computer (not a mobile phone or tablet) which has the latest version of Zoom.  The computer will need to have a microphone and webcam, which come standard on almost all modern laptops.
  • Join using an internet connection capable of streaming video.
  • Have a personal email address to receive links and documents.  Each delegate (and alternate) from your local must have their own email address, as they will be receiving links specific to their individual committee and workshop assignments.  Delegates who do not currently have a personal email address should set up a free Gmail account at
  • Provide the National Union with a personal cell phone number capable of receiving text messag-es, as we will be using text messages to communicate important information about the convention.
  • Have the ability to participate from a location that is free of all distractions.

If the delegates from your local wish to gather in the same location, you may watch the main convention sessions on a shared computer, but each delegate who wishes to speak on the floor, or who will be reading resolutions as part of the Resolution Committee or otherwise participating in a committee report, will need to be able to join via their own computer.

In addition, each delegate will need their own computer in order to participate in workshops and committees, and will need their own quiet space, or headset and microphone, that allows them to listen and speak without being distracted by their surroundings.