Registered delegates and alternates for whom an email address is provided will be sent a unique link to register for workshops online. Delegates without an email address may register by printing out and mailing or faxing this form to the National Office (fax: 412-471-8999). The deadline to register for workshops is Tuesday September 5, 2023.


Steward Basics

This introductory steward workshop will address steward rights and responsibilities, and help prepare stewards for first step meetings.

Climate Justice Creates Good Jobs

The changing climate is already impacting the jobs of many UE members. Learn about our Green Locomotive Project, and discuss new opportunities to improve worker health and safety, and grow our union among workers doing jobs in climate-friendly sectors.

Telling the Union’s Story

During issue and contract campaigns, it’s vital to be able to tell the union’s story in engaging ways. This workshop will share best practices for crafting the right message and for using videos to spread that message more broadly.

Solidarity for Racial Justice: Bystander Intervention

It’s not always easy to know what to do when someone does or says something racist. As UE continues to unite all workers regardless of race, this workshop will build member confidence to stop harassment when it occurs, at work, within the union, or in your community.

Building Union Power, Part 1

What does it take to motivate members to get involved in our organization? A strong workplace issue campaign with creative tactics that put pressure on the boss.


Union Solidarity in Practice

This introductory workshop will help UE members learn how we put the values of “Them & Us Unionism” into practice, and how to bring this home to your local.

Building Strike Power

Withholding our labor is workers’ most powerful tool, and using it successfully requires a lot of preparation. This workshop will help members consider when and why they should strike, what locals need to do to prepare...and how to win.

Labor Law is Not Your Friend

In UE, we know that our labor laws were written to give the boss an advantage, not workers. This workshop will explore UE’s approach to the law, including the pitfalls of arbitration and the NLRB, as well as our ability to win anyway!

Building Union Power, Part 2

Identify new leaders and move members into action with skills from this workshop. Members will develop effective one-on-one conversation practices, and discuss how to build and use member lists to mobilize our power at work.