2021 Convention Workshops

Convention workshops will take place on Tuesday, September 21. Please register for one morning and one afternoon workshop. If you are a guest and will be leaving Tuesday afternoon, there is an option to indicate that. You may also download the workshop registration form as a PDF, print it and mail to the national office.

First-time delegates are especially encouraged to register for the workshop Them and Us Unionism.

Workshop registration deadline is Monday, September 13, 2021.

Workshop Descriptions

Morning Workshops (2 hours)

Building Power through Organizing

Develop your skills as an organizer to build power in your own local, or in new organizing campaigns. This workshop will cover workplace mapping, one-on-one organizing conversations, and making assessments, the key skills union leaders need to engage members in fighting the boss.

Them & Us Unionism

How does UE help workers win despite the challenges of our economy? Based on our booklet of the same title, this workshop digs into the fundamental principles that guide our organization, and prepares members to put these ideas into practice. First-time convention delegates are especially encouraged to register for this workshop.

Climate Action: Creating 21st Century Jobs and Justice

From California wildfires and job loss in Erie, PA to arctic blasts in Texas and deaths from heat stroke in North Carolina, many of our locals and communities are already being impacted by changes in our climate. This workshop will explore how getting involved to address our climate crisis directly can lead to more equitable and resilient workplaces, better jobs, and a more just society.

Solidarity for Racial Justice: Bystander Intervention Training

It’s not always easy to know what to do when someone does or says something racist. As UE continues to unite all workers regardless of race, this workshop will build member confidence to stop harassment when it occurs, at work, within the union, or in your community.

Afternoon Workshops (1 hour)

A Powerful Pricetag: Understanding health care costs

Do you have a clear sense of how much you and your family are really paying for your health care? This workshop will help members use UE’s Health Costs Worksheet to see the real cost of their health care. Members will learn how to use the worksheet with their coworkers to prepare for bargaining over health insurance or to talk about the need for Medicare for All.

Keeping the Members Informed

Keeping the members fully informed of what's going on in their workplace and their union is essential to developing and maintaining a strong UE local. This workshop will review a variety of communications tools, including printed newsletters, websites, email and text messages, for communicating directly with members. It will also discuss the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of social media.

Building Power with State and Local Political Action

The victories we win at the bargaining table can be either taken away or reinforced by the action or inaction of our government. This workshop will explore what working people can expect from federal and state legislation in the coming year, and how members can push politicians to respond to the needs of the people.

Mobilizing Members to Win Grievances

While it’s important to follow timelines and have facts straight, the best way to win a grievance is to put pressure on the boss through an involved membership. This advanced steward workshop will discuss which grievances are the best for engaging members, and how to use escalating tactics to compel management to meet the union’s demands.