2019 Convention Workshops


For convention delegates please read through the workshop descriptions below and fill out the form at the bottom of page by selecting one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop that you are interested in attending (or download the registration form and mail to the national office). Please note that the arbitration workshop will take place in both the morning and afternoon, and that members participating in this workshop are encouraged (but not required) to attend both sessions. Online Workshop registration deadline is Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

Workshop Descriptions


Getting Your Message Out

Learn how to craft a compelling message for the public that helps you win your fights with the boss. Topics will include: creating your message, communicating your message in different settings, telling your story and talking to the media.

Organize: Fight for your rights!

Are you ready to help build your union? By organizing more workers into UE we have a stronger voice at the bargaining table and we build more power for working class people throughout the economy. How do you talk with nonunion workers? How can you search out and kick off the next organizing campaign in your area? Learn the basics of labor organizing from top organizers.

Winning in an Open Shop

How are our public-sector locals fighting back against the open shop after the Supreme Court’s infamous Janus ruling? What strategies and tactics are our public-sector locals which were always an open shop using to win victories for their members? What can we learn from one and another to build stronger public-sector locals going forward? These are some of the questions that we will tackle in this workshop. While this workshop is primarily for public-sector members, it is open to anyone who wants to learn how to fight back against the open shop and win today.

Uniting all Workers: Confronting member discrimination and harassment

When a member makes an off-color remark during a union meeting, how should you respond? When one member shares that another told an offensive joke at work, what should you do? What can locals do to implement our equity-focused resolutions when you return home? This workshop will provide members with strategies for creating the inclusive union envisioned by our preamble.


How to Fix Healthcare

Are you tired of fighting over health insurance costs with your boss every time you negotiate a new contract? Are you tired of paying more and more out-of-pocket costs and higher premiums? Do you have family members or friends who don’t have health insurance coverage? Then come to this workshop and find out how we can “fix healthcare.” In this workshop, you will learn about the new Medicare for All Act and how it can solve our country’s healthcare problems. You will also receive tools to take back to your local and workplace to help educate members and get them involved in the fight for Medicare for All.

Building a Better World for People and the Planet

What is the Green New Deal? What might it look like in your community and for your work if passed? What should workers, unions, and our communities be demanding as we transition from a fossil fuel to renewable energy economy? This workshop will explore how public investment in our communities can help us confront climate change while improving the lives of working people. Members will make a plan for including UE's interests in this legislation.

Strengthening Unions for Everyone: Learning from our International Allies

International solidarity is part of what makes UE a "Union for Everyone." Come learn from our international guests how their unions are expanding their representation and diversity in their leadership. We’ll also discuss how international relationships advance our interests as workers. We'll then explore how these ideas might inspire new work within UE.

Morning and Afternoon

Arbitration: Preparation is Key to Winning

This two-part intensive, interactive course is designed to provide members with an understanding of the nuts and bolts of labor arbitration and the advocacy skills required for state-of-the-art arbitration practice. In Part One (morning) members will briefly review the steps leading to arbitration, learn about recent guidance from the NLRB concerning the union's duty of fair representation, and learn the mechanics of presenting a grievance in arbitration. Part Two (afternoon) will feature a mock arbitration exercise in which members will play the parts of advocates, witnesses and arbitrators. The focus of the mock exercise will be on cross-examination. To get the most from this workshop, participants will receive materials in advance that should be reviewed before arrival at the convention. Members participating in this workshop are encouraged (but not required) to attend both sessions of this workshop.