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Solidarity Membership (GE)

A Solidarity Membership gives GE workers who don't yet have a union a chance to stand up with their fellow workers when GE unions go to the bargaining table to negotiate national contracts that impact wages and conditions at GE plants around the country. (The next national bargaining is in 2015.)


Workers are organizing to win better wages and respect for their rights at the National Visa Center. This page includes information about the organizing campaign. For more information call or email:

  • (440) 645-8072

You can learn more about UE at or the UE Facebook Page.



Keep It Made In Erie

The members of UE Local 506 – our biggest local, representing 3,500 workers at the Erie, Pennsylvania plant of General Electric – are in a major fight for jobs. On April 9, management of GE Transportation announced to United Electrical Workers (UE) Local 506 that it intends to transfer a substantial amount of work done by our members to its newly-built non-union facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Local 506 members build locomotives and wheel motors for large mining trucks, as well as components for both, and GE plans to move major portions of both the locomotive and motorized wheel work to Texas.

Warehouse Workers for Justice

Warehouse Workers for Justice is a new organization founded to win justice for warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois. We are an independent workers center founded by the UE Research and Education Fund after UE's successful plant occupation at Republic Windows and Doors in December, 2008.