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Warehouse Workers for Justice

Warehouse Workers for Justice is a new organization founded to win justice for warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois. We are an independent workers center founded by the UE Research and Education Fund after UE's successful plant occupation at Republic Windows and Doors in December, 2008. We provide workshops so warehouse workers can educate themselves about workplace rights, unite warehouse workers to defend their rights on the job, build community support for the struggles of warehouse workers and fight for policy changes to improve the lives of warehouse workers and members of our communities. Our fiscal sponsor is the UE Research and Education Fund.

Walmart Warehouse Strikers to Return to Work with Full Back Pay

07 October, 2012

The following report comes from a Warehouse Workers for Justice press release issued October 6.

In an historic victory, all striking Roadlink workers at Walmart's Elwood warehouse near Joliet have won their principal demand, for an end to illegal retaliation against workers protesting poor conditions. They will return to work with full pay for the period they were on strike. Workers returning to work plan to continue their fight for safe working conditions, fair pay for all hours worked and an end to discrimination.

Workers Strike Illinois Walmart Warehouse

17 September, 2012

On Saturday, September 15, workers at a key Walmart distribution center here joined warehouse workers from Mira Loma, CA on strike to protest illegal retaliation and other labor abuses. On September 17 they planned to visit Walmart's regional offices in Rosemont, IL to deliver tens of thousands of signatures in support of the workers. Read more about the walkout by clicking here.