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Solidarity Membership (GE)

A Solidarity Membership gives GE workers who don't yet have a union a chance to stand up with their fellow workers when GE unions go to the bargaining table to negotiate national contracts that impact wages and conditions at GE plants around the country. (The next national bargaining is in 2015.)

If you are concerned about your wages, health insurance or other issues that affect the quality of your job at GE, a Solidarity Membership lets you weigh in on the side of UE and other unions fighting to improve conditions and stop GE from imposing more cuts. It gives you a way to say “No” to the “competitive wage” scheme GE is using to create a new tier of second-class employees nationwide.

Solidarity Members donate $5 a month to support the fight for better jobs. Your support is important.  You don’t get voting rights in UE. (You have to organize a union at your workplace and pay regular dues to get that.) But you do make a difference, and you do get real benefits, including:

  • A copy of the UE-GE National Agreement (2011-2015).
  • Special Bulletins updating you on the issues in contract negotiations.
  • Contract campaign materials (leaflets, stickers, etc.) to help you make your voice heard.
  • A subscription to the UE News, the union’s national newspaper.
  • Access to answers (by email or phone) about workers’ rights and issues in bargaining.

UE believes every GE worker should have a union and be able to elect representatives from their workplace to send to national contract negotiations with GE. We’re prepared to assist workers who want to organize and make that happen. (Contact us at However, we also know that for many GE workers, organizing a union is not possible in the immediate future. If you are one of them, a Solidarity Membership provides you an opportunity to show your solidarity with union GE workers across the U.S. Sign up today at