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UE News Updates

UE Calls on General Electric To Increase Retirees' Pensions

05 March, 2003

This story has been updated:

General Electric retirees deserve "an immediate and substantial pension increase," says UE. In a March 4 letter, UE President John H. Hovis reminds company officials that "It has now been nearly three years since General Electric has seen fit to adjust the pensions of its retirees."

UE Wins At Burlington's City Market

04 March, 2003

A card-check completed on Friday, Feb. 28 brought UE its latest organizing win, securing bargaining rights for approximately 160 full and part-time workers at Burlington’s cooperatively owned downtown supermarket.

Rev. Michael Cronogue of St. Michael’s College conducted the card count and reported that 105 of 157 eligible employees signed UE membership cards.

A majority of co-op workers had also voted for the union in a community election earlier in the month as a means of convincing the co-op’s board of directors to agree to the card-check procedure.

Veteran Organizer, Leader Hugh Harley Dies

25 February, 2003

A statement issued by the UE General Officers follows.

Hugh Harley, a veteran organizer and retired UE national officer whose connection with the union spanned more than six decades, died Friday, Feb. 14 in his home in Florida. Harley was particularly known for his major role in organizing the machine-tool, cutting-tool and hand-tool industries in western Massachusetts and Vermont and negotiating agreements with those employers.

UE Endorses Goals Of Labor Against War

21 January, 2003

The UE General Executive Board, meeting in the union’s headquarters here Jan. 16-17, endorsed the founding statement of the newly organized U.S. Labor Against the War coalition. The Board made a $1,000 donation to the coalition and agreed to publicize union-backed anti-war activity throughout UE and further internal discussions about the issues behind the drive to war with Iraq.

UE Leader Urges Repeal Of Taft-Hartley Act

05 September, 2002

Bruce J. Klipple, UE General Secretary-Treasurer, joined with Ralph Nader and others in calling for repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act "as one important step in restoring workers’ right to organize into unions and in revitalizing American democracy."

In a letter released on Labor Day, Klipple and other labor leaders pointed out that 2002 marks the 55th anniversary of the labor law which dramatically curtailed rights gained by organized workers.

"The Act

"Save Manufacturing Jobs," UE Members Tell Wisconsin Governor

21 May, 2002

With a large state budget deficit and political scandals compromising both parties, the Wisconsin Capitol is not a place most state legislators would like to be these days.

On April 30, the Capitol became even more interesting as UE members came to town to demand action to save manufacturing jobs.

Those attending the fourth annual Wisconsin UE Political Action Day met with Gov. Scott McCallum and with at least one of their lawmakers.

James Kane, Retired UE President, Dies at 78

03 April, 2002

In Memoriam ...

James M. Kane, who served as president of UE during the Reagan years, died April 1 at age 78. A militant leader of Vermont machine workers, Kane was also president of UE’s northeastern region for many years.

Despite many years in union office, Kane had difficulty with the notion of being a "professional" labor leader. "It’s hard for me to get over the idea that I’m a worker," he told a reporter in 1981.