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UE News Updates

Eastern Region Endorses Challengers to Democratic Party Establishment, Hears Reports on Strike Solidarity, Organizing and International Solidarity

22 May, 2018

UE's Eastern Region held their regional council meeting in Monroeville, PA on Saturday, April 21st. Delegates gathered to hear shop reports, discuss organizing, labor solidarity and political action, plan for the union's future and elect officers for the coming year.

UE Supports North Carolina Educators

14 May, 2018

UE fully supports the March for Students, Rally for Respect being organized by teachers and other education workers in North Carolina on May 16th.

As UE delegates to our 75th Convention last August noted, “K-12 public education, one of the most fundamental cornerstones of a democratic society, is under direct attack .... [S]tate legislators are starving public education of adequate funding, driving down the quality of schooling and creating a false perception that public schools provide subpar education.”

Cummins Workers Protest Unaffordable Health Care as Company Celebrates Record Profits

10 May, 2018

High deductibles force many to delay treatment, endangering health

Workers at Cummins’ Rocky Mount Engine Plant in Whitakers, North Carolina, wore “Cummins Workers Want Fairness” stickers this week protesting the company’s high-deductible health plan, as the diesel engine manufacturer held its annual shareholders meeting in Indianapolis on Tuesday, May 8.

Local 1421 Members at Graham Win a Substantial Package of Gains

09 May, 2018

UE Local 1421 members who work at Graham Packaging made substantial gains in their recent contract negotiations, including one of the highest wage increases in recent memory. Graham workers had received about two percent across the board over the last few contracts, but this time the shop fought hard and won a three percent increase across the board for all bargaining unit members. “We had not seen a three percent raise in forever,” said Local 1421 Vice President and Chief Shop Steward Mikey Rivera. “The members were very happy with that.”

UE, Unifor Members Tell General Electric: “Commit to Our Communities”

03 May, 2018

Over a hundred GE workers and retirees from the U.S. and Canada descended on GE's annual shareholder meeting on April 25th to demand that the company end mass layoffs and plant shutdowns, honor their commitments to retirees, respect workers' rights to organize and make restitution where the company has harmed the health of workers, community members or the environment.

North Carolina workers continue MLK’s fight for economic and civil rights

18 April, 2018

When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to Memphis, Tenn., in support of striking sanitation workers 50 years ago, he was actually on his way to North Carolina. A few months after his assassination, in August 1968, sanitation workers in Charlotte, N.C., also went out on strike. This inspired many other sanitation worker strikes across the South in 1968, including in Atlanta, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Durham, N.C.

Cummins Workers Hold Joint Health Care Day of Action

05 April, 2018

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., UE Local 150 members who work at the Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant in Rocky Mount, NC held a service to commemorate Dr. King and renew their commitment to fight for economic justice for all people at Cummins.

The service was part of a Cummins Inc Workers Joint Day of Action for Affordable Health Care and End to Medical Discrimination, and the workers wore stickers pointing out that the high deductibles for Cummins’ healthcare plan remain so large “they make us sick.”