Leyes a Favor de los Trabajadores

Nueva legislación reconoce los derechos de trabajadoras embarazadas y lactantes

Los delegados sindicales de la UE y sus líderes deben conocer estas nuevas leyes federales: el Acta de Igualdad para Empleadas Embarazadas (PWFA por sus siglas en inlgés) y el Acta PUMP. Aprobadas en el 2022 estas leyes buscan asegurar mejores condiciones en el lugar de trabajo para empleadas embaradazas, posparto y lactantes, garantizando un ambiente laboral seguro y que les brinde apoyo.

New Legislation Recognizes Rights for Pregnant and Nursing Workers

Judy approached Chief Steward Amy over lunch one day. With a big smile, Judy shared that she had just completed her first trimester of pregnancy, and she and the baby had a clean bill of health from her doctor. Amy congratulated her.

Then Judy said, “Amy, I’m a little worried about telling Bob, our boss. My doctor said there’s a new law that gives me permission to carry a water bottle at work and ask for extra bathroom breaks, but I know Bob doesn’t like to give any extra breaks. Do you know anything about this law? Can the union help me?”

Using the FMLA

NOTE: This UE Steward has not been updated since it was first published over a decade ago. Some information may no longer be accurate. Specifically, many states now provide some form of paid family and medical leave.