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For Dignity, Respect And a Voice at Work ...

Organize! With UE ...

The Union Difference

If you don't have a union, you already know the boss can do whatever he (or she) wants. You really don't know from one day to the next what could happen to your pay, your job, or even your workplace.

Without a union, your boss determines most of your rights

Without a union, you leave all of your rights outside when you walk through the door to work. But you — and the people you work with — can change this. It's your legal right.

UE gives you the power to make your employer pay a fair wage, provide a decent place to work and a voice in the decisions that affect you. It's the organization that represents and defends workers from unfair treatment by the boss — and it really works. Since the year 2000, thousands workers have organized with UE. Many, in turn, have helped other workers organize for a voice at work!

Just as important, it's the organization that mobilizes all of us to make America a better place for working people. Whether you work in a factory or an office or on a college campus, there's only one way to have rights at work and that's to organize a union! (Here are the five basic steps involved in organizing).

Real Democracy - and a Real Voice!

In UE we build power right at the workplace through rank and file organization. That means the union is run by workers — not by union bureaucrats. If you are interested finding out about building a strong, vibrant union in your workplace, contact UE. We'll be happy to talk with you (no pressure, no hype).