The tremendous problems that face working people in our country, and around the world, call for a labor movement that can carry out aggressive struggle against the organized forces of the employers on all fronts.

UE is dedicated to building that kind of a labor movement, for our own members and for all workers. UE produces a wide range of materials to help our members understand and take action on the issues we face in the workplace and in society, which you can find here:

NEW: Them and Us Unionism Checklist, for building a strong local.

After reading the UE booklet “Them and Us Unionism,” UE locals can use this worksheet to assess the local’s development of these principles. If local leaders or members aren’t sure about how to approach any of these practices, please contact the local’s UE field staff or the UE Education Department.

Information for Workers: Articles from the pages of the UE Steward, our regular publication for stewards. The UE Steward is published between eight and ten times per year, and you can subscribe to the electronic version for free.

Resources for Racial Justice, to supplement the new UE antiracism workshop, “Building Solidarity for Racial Justice.” Includes links to UE NEWS articles, videos, documentaries, podcasts, and interactive websites.

COVID-19 Resources: Includes resources for stewards and local unions, demands locals should consider making on employers, suggestions for what to do if COVID-19 comes into your workplace, summaries of recent legislation that provide relief to working people.

The Fight of Our Lives: An online toolkit to help nonunion workers fight for safety and fair pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how to fight for and win PPE, sick leave, hazard pay, or force your employer to suspend work until it is safe to return. Learn how you and your coworkers can act collectively to win your your demands and tip the balance of power in your favor.

“Them and Us Unionism”, a 2020 booklet outlining UE’s philosophy of unionism. Drawing on UE history, “Them and Us Unionism” identifies five core principles of UE’s approach: aggressive struggle, rank and file control, political independence, international solidarity, and uniting all workers. Printed copies can be purchased from the UE online store.

Labor’s Untold Story, the adventure story of the battles, betrayals and victories of American working men and women, published by UE since 1970. The book can be purchased from the UE online store (also available in Spanish).

More Resources

Materials Reuse Policy

UE makes electronic versions of our educational materials available to other workers and trade unions free of charge, in the interest of promoting democratic, rank-and-file trade unionism.

Other workers and unions may reprint and reuse UE materials, provided you notify, provide credit to UE, and (if online) link to this notice.

We are a small union, with limited resources, and we ask that any organization or individual using our materials who is able to do so consider making a donation to the UE Research and Education Fund, to help us continue to be able to provide educational materials for the broader labor movement.

We retain copyright ownership, and the right to prevent reuse in any way that harms the interests of workers, the labor movement, or the UE.