Leading Through Tough Times: 77th UE National Convention

The theme of the 77th UE Convention, to be held in September, is “Leading Through Tough Times,” reflecting the incredible challenges that UE members, leaders and staff have faced and prevailed over during these difficult times. We have learned that no matter what sector you hail from, UE’s long and vibrant history of aggressive struggle lives on. UE has always been, and will continue to be, a force for worker democracy and solidarity for everyone.

Due to COVID-19, UE will be taking all necessary measures to have a safe and productive convention week. The General Executive Board will convene July 19, 2021 to evaluate and finalize the decision to continue planning an in-person convention or, if circumstances dictate, to switch to a virtual convention format due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will notify all locals of the decision that week.

The Convention Call and delegate credential forms were mailed to UE locals on Thursday, May 20, along with information about the hotel, transportation options, and the local union subsidy program, a copy of the anti-harassment policies and procedures, and a guide to writing resolutions for the UE convention.

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