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Local 1004 Holds One-Day Unfair Labor Practice Strike

March 21, 2023

Members of UE Local 1004, which represents 700 patient care workers, including patient care attendants, techs, and other support staff at the hospital, held a one-day unfair labor practice strike on Monday, March 20. The strike was called to encourage hospital management to end its illegal bargaining tactics and engage in good-faith negotiations to address high staff turnover.

“We are on strike today to stand up for our patients and our community and to speak out against management’s illegal intimidation tactics,” said Stacy Suarez, a 13-year surgical tech and member of the union negotiating committee.  “We have the legal right to act together to let management know what workers need. Instead of listening and negotiating they have tried to silence our voices.”

Sued for Union Organizing?

March 13, 2023

In October 2021, the Hudson Institute for Process Research (HIPR) illegally fired Abigail Schultz and Joshua Sturman for union organizing. Since then, HIPR has continued to wage a campaign of threats and harassment against the organizers. This campaign includes filing a lawsuit against Abigail and Joshua as part of the company’s ongoing attempts to deprive employees of their legal right to organize.

If this lawsuit is allowed to stand, it will have a chilling effect on workers’ rights everywhere. Please consider a donation to the Hudson Workers United Legal Aid Fund.

Local 770 Members’ Shop Floor Campaign Raises Wages, Limits Mandatory Overtime, and Eliminates Two-Tier Pension System

March 11, 2023

Members of Local 770 at Hendrickson Suspension won big in recent mid-contract bargaining. These 84 members manufacture medium and heavy-duty mechanical vehicle suspensions and components to the global commercial transportation industry. The company approached Local 770 leadership in early 2022 about raising wages for entry-level positions, but the local successfully organized to get fair raises for everyone, eliminate the long-standing inequity in the pension, and address excessive mandatory overtime.

“Overworked and Underpaid,” UNC Housekeepers Rally (Again) for $20 per Hour

March 10, 2023

“We are rallying for higher pay because UNC has increased our workload due to understaffing,” declared Robin Lee, a housekeeper and UE Local 150 member at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “We should get paid for the hard work we do, often above our job descriptions, to keep the university clean.”

Refresco Workers Press for Action from Private Equity Firm KKR

March 1, 2023

UE Local 115 members from the Refresco bottling plant in Wharton, NJ attempted to bring their concerns about conditions in their plant to the corporate headquarters of private equity firm KKR on Tuesday, February 28. It was the second attempt the workers have made to meet with KKR, which owns a majority stake in Refresco. For a second time, KKR refused to meet with the workers.

“We went to the building, we tried to talk to someone at KKR, and did it respectfully,” said Refresco worker Pamela Burgos. “All we’re asking for is equal rights and our rights as workers. We just want to be able to have a meeting with them so we can discuss our issues.”

Workplace Action Wins Strong Wage Gains for Local 228

February 4, 2023

On December 1, 2022, members of UE Local 228 ratified a new 32-month agreement. The local’s 500 members process immigration documents and provide petitioner support at the State Department’s National Visa Center. They are employed by federal contractor LDRM. Local 228 is one of six federal contractor units in the UE who work under the Service Contract Act (SCA). It is the sister location to Local 728, the Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, KY.

Service Contract Act Locals Maintain, Improve Standards in Bridge Agreement with New Contractor

February 4, 2023

Members of Local 208 in Vermont and Local 1008 in California will begin working for a new federal contractor, IT Coalition (ITC), on February 1. ITC presently employs UE members at Local 808 in Lincoln, NE. The handoff in contractors occurs while UE's SCA Service Center locals are working under the threat of increasing automation, which could decimate bargaining unit work over the next three years.



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