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UE Members Learn about Struggles of Mexican Workers in Worker-to-Worker Exchange

June 14, 2024

A UE delegation traveled to Mexico for a week in May to meet with our allies at the Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) for the first time since 2017. The trip was an important opportunity to ground UE members in the union’s international solidarity work, which prioritizes supporting workers in their struggles with their bosses. As members learned, even when our managers might be different, our employers use the same kinds of tactics to prevent workers from organizing and to exploit workers’ labor.

General Executive Board Discusses Election, Budget

June 13, 2024

UE’s General Executive Board, made up of elected rank-and-file members from around the country, met from June 5-7.

On the opening day, board members had a frank and wide-ranging discussion about the upcoming presidential election, which offers working people, in the words of Western Region President Bryan Martindale, “the ultimate damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. “We’re at rock-bottom hard spot,” Martindale said.

Women’s Leadership Program Participant Visits Local 506 Unity Council Training

June 12, 2024

Erin Frimpong is a Local 1177 chief steward and a participant in the UE Women’s Leadership Program. As part of that program, she attended a Unity Council training held by UE Locals 506 and 618 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

On May 30, 2024 I had the pleasure and opportunity to join UE Locals 506 and 618 in their Unity Council training. The experience and information that I received was vast but also informational on many levels.

Local 1466 Reopener Wins Historic Raises for Lowest-Paid Workers

June 10, 2024

Members of Local 1466, the United Graduate Workers of UNM, won 30 percent raises for project assistants, the lowest paid workers in the bargaining unit, during their reopener which began April 8, 2024. The members, who are graduate workers at the University of New Mexico, began their second compensation bargaining reopener with the UNM administration stalling for three hours before adjourning the day’s meeting without providing a counter proposal. It was clear to all members of the local’s bargaining team that the administration was ill-prepared to meet with us at the bargaining table. 

New Chasen Agreement Codifies Wages, Guards Against Favoritism

June 10, 2024

On Thursday, May 30, members of Local 155 at Chasen Fiber Technologies unanimously ratified a mid-contract agreement codifying starting wages, promotion raises, new job classifications, and pay for the new night shift.

Management attempted to implement a new night shift and re-create a new maintenance mechanic position without negotiating with the union. The local sent a demand to bargain and began negotiations two weeks later. Prior to the agreement, only the starting wage for line workers was codified in the contract.

Local 799 Wins Improvements in Wage Reopener

June 10, 2024

Members of Local 799, who work various jobs in the food service, maintenance, custodial, and transportation departments at Delaware City Schools, had to settle their previous contract with the school district in 2022 under difficult circumstances. Students had just recently returned to the classroom after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the district’s financial future was unclear. The union agreed to relatively low wage increases, with a wage reopener in 2024.

Solidarity with Campus Protesters

June 7, 2024

UE stands in full solidarity with the students and workers who have been expressing their support for the Palestinian people through peaceful protests on campuses across the country. We unequivocally condemn the violent tactics which university and local police forces have used to break up the encampments.

UE Helps Lead Community Roundtable on Rail Pollution

May 31, 2024

UE Local 1177 President Larry Hopkins was one of the panelists at a community roundtable about rail pollution on Wednesday, May 29. “I live on the southwest side of Chicago,” Hopkins said, “and I’m bounded by four rail yards within a two to four mile radius.” He charged that the old, polluting diesel locomotives used in Chicago’s rail yards are “harming railroad workers and drivers like myself, and people that live in these communities.”

Canadian Parliament Unanimously Passes Anti-Scab Legislation

May 31, 2024

On Monday, May 27, Canada’s parliament unanimously passed new “anti-scab” legislation that will prohibit federally-regulated employers from using replacement workers during a strike.

“This legislation is about protecting the right to fair and free collective bargaining, including the right to strike,” said Lana Payne, National President of UE’s Canadian ally Unifor. The bill “modernizes Canada’s labor relations system to reflect the current social and economic context of this country, where increased corporate power and wealth requires an effective counter-balance.”



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