Resources for Racial Justice

These resources were put together by the UE Education Department to supplement the UE antiracism workshop, “Building Solidarity for Racial Justice,” which was held at the UE Eastern and Western Region council meetings in the fall of 2020. The workshop is a project of the North American Solidarity Project and was developed jointly with Unifor and the National Nurses Union.

UE NEWS Articles


  • Dr. Linda Murray on Racism, a talk given by Dr. Murray to a 1986 Human Rights Conference held by the Canadian Auto Workers, one of Unifor’s predecessor unions.


  • On the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike of 1968 and its connection to the Civil Rights Movement: “At the River I Stand” (1 hour). The film can be purchased from California Newsreel, rented for 48 hours on-demand from Vimeo, and is also available on the documentary streaming service Kanopy which can be accessed by many public library users.
  • On the Civil Rights Movement and Medicare: “The Power to Heal” (1 hour). Read the UE NEWS review of “The Power to Heal” here.



Immigration History

Other Reading