UE Independent Political Action

UE Political Action is about educating the membership on the issues, and then mobilizing the membership to take action in their own interests. We promote political solutions for the problems that union members and working people face, and we utilize the political arena to defend ourselves against attacks and the politicians who launch them.

Make it a regular priority to stop back and see what's new on this section of our UE web page. Political action is a year-round undertaking, and it is about a whole lot more than just supporting or opposing candidates for public office. Here you will find information on UE's positions on the issues — democratically decided by the membership — as well as Political Action Updates which provide news and suggestions for action either to advance our positions or to defend our membership from attack.

This is serious business. What we win for our members through the collective bargaining process can be gutted or even stripped away from us in the state legislatures or in Congress. There are also issues and problems that we face which cannot be addressed at the bargaining table, and as working people we have the right to expect that our governmental bodies and representatives will respond to the needs of the people. UE's particular style of political action education and mobilization — based on the issues — has stood the test of time over our 75 year history. Do your part and stay informed, and share this critical information with others in your UE local union.

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