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New Local 642 Contract Boosts Wages at Harborcreek Youth Services

June 4, 2021

After one of the most contentious contract negotiations in recent years, UE Local 642 members who work for Harborcreek Youth Services ratified a new three-year contract that boosts wages by 13 percent over the life of the contract, including a 7.5 percent average wage increase in the first year.

Throughout the negotiations, the members wore buttons that read “Living Wages & Safe Staffing” and stickers that read “Show Us The Money.”

UE’s Perspective Sought by International Allies

May 27, 2021

Following the inauguration of Joe Biden as president, UE’s international allies have been reaching out to us to gain a better understanding of how his election will impact working people in the U.S. and around the world. UE received many thanks for sharing our initial analysis in written form in February. We subsequently received invitations to present our perspective because of our reputation as a union that is independent from the Democratic Party and has a clear understanding of working-class needs.

Member Education Continues Virtually

May 27, 2021

Early 2021 has been an active time for member education, although the pandemic has reshaped the size, frequency and format of many of the events. In coordination with regional presidents, the UE Education Department led virtual subregional education events for California, Vermont/New Hampshire, Wisconsin/Minnesota, and North Carolina, and also held a similar event for Rail Crew Transport locals. More than 85 members participated in these events.

Iowa School District Workers Win Wage Increase, Retain Language

May 18, 2021

Following the 2017 anti-union law passed by the Republican state legislature, public-sector employers in Iowa can refuse to bargain over anything except base wages (and arbitration awards on base wages are limited to the current inflation rate). In that context, simply maintaining the right to have a real union contract is a significant victory.

Local 123 Fights Off Gutting of Contract, Wins Solid Improvements

May 17, 2021

At the beginning of negotiations with UE Local 123 this spring, the new plant manager at Daikin Industries — who had never negotiated with UE before — presented the union with proposals that would have completely rewritten and gutted the contract’s provisions on seniority, hours of work and overtime.

The members were having none of it.

UE Local 667 Members Gain Ground in New Contract

May 10, 2021

UE Local 667 continued to gain ground in its ongoing fight for living wages at the East End Food Coop in recent contract negotiations. In addition to winning substantial wage increases over the life of the three-year contract, the local negotiated pathbreaking contract language on accommodations, diversity and inclusion in hiring, on-the-job protections, and bereavement.

May 6, 2021

Third-shift workers at the Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant shut down production last week, winning a reversal of management’s plan to force them onto second shift.

Youth Climate Activist Tells Eastern Region: Put People Over Profit

May 1, 2021

John Paul Mejia, an activist and educator working with the Sunrise Movement, told delegates to the UE Eastern Region Council meeting last weekend that it is time to “change the definition of normal in society.” The Sunrise Movement is a youth movement dedicated to stop climate change and create millions of jobs in the process, through a “Green New Deal.”



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