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Local 1107 Retiree Running for State Senate: “I am running on a workers’ platform”

October 14, 2020

Joni Anderson, a recently-retired member of UE Local 1107 in Necedah, WI who served that local in many capacities over the years, is running for state senate in Wisconsin’s 14th senate district. Her pro-worker program includes workers’ rights, healthcare for all, and stronger democracy. Her website proudly displays a photo of Anderson wearing a UE shirt at the state capitol, and she has been endorsed by both UE’s Western Region and the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. The UE NEWS spoke with Anderson earlier this week.

New Members, New Anti-Racism Workshop at General Executive Board Meeting

October 2, 2020

UE’s General Executive Board, newly expanded by elections held at July’s regional council meetings, met over Zoom on September 21 and 22. Under the regional reorganization carried out over the past few months, each of UE’s two geographic regions is now represented on the GEB by the region’s president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer, along with five at-large members elected from the regional executive board.

September 18, 2020

As racial-justice protests swept our country in response to the murder of George Floyd, many of the protesters began calling for governments at various level to “defund the police” — a phrase that few in the U.S. were familiar with.

Local 222 VP: “Shameful” That People Die From Lack of Healthcare

September 11, 2020

Local 222 Vice President and General Executive Board member Margaret Dabrowski addressed a virtual town hall on Medicare for All organized by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) on August 26. Dabrowski, a 911 dispatcher for the City of New Britain, spoke both about how the for-profit health insurance system affects people who call her as a 911 operator and about her own experiences with the healthcare system.

Local 712 Action Protects Retirement Benefits for 25 UE members, 600 Other Workers

September 11, 2020

Faced with budget shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kenyon College Board of Trustees chose to suspend all retirement contributions for their 600 or so full-time staff. Among those staff were the 25 members of UE Local 712, which represents maintenance workers at the liberal arts college. Local 712 — supported by a coalition of students, faculty, and alumni — were able to win repayment of the missing year of retirement contributions over the next three years, which will also be extended to the rest of the staff at the college.

Regional Reorganization Completed Virtually

September 9, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading in the U.S. in March, it quickly became clear that the regional council meetings scheduled for late March and early April — large in-person gatherings of people from many states — could not be held as initially planned. But after lengthy discussions between national and regional leadership, assisted by technical expertise from UE staff, both new regions held their founding meetings virtually in July, over the video-conferencing service Zoom.

Local 222 “Staunch Union Member” Deb Main Retires After 33 Years

September 9, 2020

UE Local 222's best wishes and appreciation go out to Deb Main, who has recently retired as an employee of the Groton Telecommunicators Association in Groton CT. Deb has been a staunch Union member with CILU/CIPU even before we merged with U.E. Many of our 911 Telecommunicators are not aware that their raises and benefits are due in part to Deb, for she has drawn up spreadsheets and contract comparisons for years that have been used in other Dispatch sub local negotiations.



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