Showdowns Loom in Madison and Columbus: Do Your Part to Help!

February 28, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio

Showdowns loom this week in both Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio as tens of thousands of working people continue to demonstrate in opposition to the assaults launched by Republican lawmakers.  Over the past weekend a total of several hundred thousand working people protested in all 50 state capitols as well as at hundreds of regional rallies all across the country. Never in living memory have so many union members and working people taken to the streets in such numbers, or for such a duration. We are now entering the third week of the movement to STOP! the big business attack on organized labor being launched by their front-men in the Republican Party.

Wisconsin Governor Walker's attacks are now escalating, as he has been unable to stem the protests on his very doorstep in the capitol building in Madison. In Columbus, Ohio, working people will hold a mass demonstration on March 1st in an effort to resist the start of a legislative vote to abolish collective bargaining for public sector workers.

All UE members are urged to pour on the steam in defense of our rights.  Call your state lawmakers -- wherever you live -- and tell them to ACT NOW! to stop the attacks on working people in Wisconsin and Ohio and elsewhere. UE members from numerous local unions have attended rallies and demonstrations and more are contacting lawmakers to send our message. Now is the time to act!

Stay tuned! The coming days will be pivotal in our battle to defend working people from the Republican Party, corporate, and big business media attack.