UE Leaflet Compares Sanders and Clinton on Major Issues

January 14, 2016

UE has issued a leaflet comparing the two leading candidates in the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, on major issues of concern to union members.

Delegates to UE’s 74th International Convention in August adopted a resolution titled “Independent Rank-and-File Political Action.” It briefly describes the political attacks on labor and how workers have been fighting back. It says this about candidates:

“We have no choice except to fight even harder to push candidates from all parties to address working-class issues. Fortunately, the presidential campaign of longtime UE ally Bernie Sanders may offer some opportunities to amplify our issues during the current election season.”

Sanders has been a reliable friend of UE, as mayor of Burlington, congressman starting in 1991, and U.S. senator from Vermont since 2003. The leaflet linked below compares Bernie Sanders and his leading Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton on the issues of trade and jobs, workers' rights, war, higher education, Wall Street and banks, corporate money in politics, and climate change. We included none of the Republican candidates in the comparison because all of them are much too far from UE's positions on workers' rights and other key issues. 

Click on one of the links below to open the two-sided leaflet in either color or black and white. You are welcome to print the leaflet to share with friends or co-workers.