UE News Update Means More News

February 1, 2002

Launched February 1st, the UE web has a new feature designed to bring more news, frequently updated, to our members and website visitors. It’s called “UE News Update.” The new service will function much like a news wire, displaying headlines and stories in the order they were posted on our website. The most recent UE News Update headlines will be displayed on our main UE News Online page. All news updates will available on their own UE News Update page, where visitors will be able to search for stories by keyword or by selecting a range of dates.

Content for the UE News Update service will be supplied by the UE News department. Managing Editor Peter Gilmore says, “We’re excited to bring more news before more readers more quickly. As UE organizes and fights for workers’ rights in the workplace and in the corridors of power, you’ll be able to follow those stories right here.”


The printed version of the UE News continues to be mailed to all UE members (along with individual and instutional subscribers), but on a new eight-times-a-year publication schedule (from twelve times a year). The newspaper has also expanded from 16 to 20 pages. With the explosive growth of the internet, UE will be using the UE News Update to communicate more news and information to our locals and members, as well as our internet visitors.

UE local officers and members with access to the internet are being encouraged by the national union to print, copy and/or post UE News Update articles that are of interest to their members and co-workers.

A similar newswire feature is planned for our Political Action page as well, allowing our Washington Office to post political action alerts and updates as they are needed.

The UE web was launched in March of 1997 and is maintained from the union’s national office in Pittsburgh.


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