UE's History of Fighting for Women Workers Featured in Nationwide History Exam

May 10, 2016

UE's history of fighting for equality for women workers is featured in a question on this year's Advanced Placement (AP) United States History Exam from The College Board. High school students across the country who score well on the AP exam can earn college course credit before they start college. 

The questions have now been publicly released. In the section "Document Based Questions," students answer questions citing historical documents provided to them. The first question is, "Explain the causes of the rise of a women’s rights movement in the period 1940–1975," and the documents provide include an excerpt from the 1952 pamphlet "UE Fights for Women Workers." 

That pamphlet was written by Betty Friedan, at the time a reporter for the UE News. In the 1960s she was a leading figure in the women's movement and the author of The Feminine Mystique (1963). 

You can read the UE quote on page 8 of the copy of the exam at the following link.

2016 AP U.S. History Exam


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