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Magistrate Judge Issues Injunction, Bringing UE Members at MTIL Closer to Contract

16 November, 2017

On Tuesday, Magistrate Judge Cole issued his opinion on a 10J bargaining order sought by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against pallet manufacturer MTIL. The decision imposes an injunction on MTIL to bargain with the employees and their union, UE. The injunction should be signed by the Judge by the middle of next week.

This injunction instructs the company to ultimately bargain with UE. UE members at MTIL are preparing to bargain with the company and mobilize to fight for the contract they deserve.

“We fear that the company will attempt to delay the process, as they have so far,” says UE Director of Organization Gene Elk, “but we are going to do everything in our powers to stop this.”

MTIL manufactures pallets and skids for a Dutch multinational, IFCO. Just a few days before an NLRB election scheduled for December 19 last year, MTIL committed massive labor law violations in which it attempted to either buy off or terrorize workers to defeat a UE organizing campaign.


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