Indiana Grad Workers Strike for Union Recognition

April 17, 2022

Graduate workers at Indiana University have been on strike since Wednesday. On Sunday and Monday, members of the Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition-UE voted by 97.8 percent to strike for union recognition, in the face of the IU administration's refusal to recognize their union.

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In December, IGWC-UE delivered over 1,500 union cards — representing a super-majority of IU's 2500 graduate workers — to the IU administration, asking IU to follow their own policy and hold a union election. Since then, the IU administration has refused to even meet with the union. IGWC-UE is seeking union recognition in order to be able to negotiate an end to mandatory student fees, a livable wage for graduate workers, improved benefits, an effective grievance procedure, and fairness for international students.

“We are out of options,” said IGWC-UE member Chris Agostino. “How can a major University like IU so callously reject dialogue with those who teach the courses and do the research on this campus?”

“For two years, they have ignored and disrespected us," added IGWC-UE member Anne Kavalerchik.

The strikers have received widespread support from undergraduate students, faculty, and other unions on campus, in their community, and throughout the U.S. higher education system.

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