One-Year Contract at Chasen Raises Wages 50 Cents

November 15, 2023

Amalgamated Local 155 settled a new one-year contract with Chasen Fiber Technologies on October 31. The new contract includes a 50 cent wage increase and raises the minimum wage in the shop from $12 to $15.

The contract codifies workers’ right to a 30-minute unpaid lunch break in the middle of their shift and one paid 15-minute break in the morning. Workers will now be allowed to use any accrued paid time off (vacation, personal days, etc.) to supplement any reductions to the five-day workweek, and will now have the option to have half of their vacation time paid out in the month of July.

“It's been a very tough fight, very difficult, but in the end we have managed to get a raise of 50 cents an hour,” said negotiating committee member Luis Cango. “We also hope that our fellow workers will remain united for the next year. Hopefully, we can get another raise out of the company. We all agree with the signing of this new contract, and hopefully we will get a raise in the following year.”

The Chasan negotiating committee consisted of Cango, steward Anyelo Concepcion and Daniel Cosme. They were assisted by International Representative Tara McCauley and Field Organizer Eric Cortés-Kopp.

A worker talks to a man seated at a table while other workers vote
Negotiating committee member and steward Anyelo Conception (standing, left) talks with UE Field Organizer Eric Cortés-Kopp (seated, left) as workers vote on the contract.


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