Solidarity with the UAW

October 3, 2023

In September, as the UAW launched their historic strike against all of the Big Three automakers, UE’s General Executive Board declared, “The auto workers’ strike is all of our fight, and we encourage all UE members and allies to support the strike in whatever way they can.”

A win for UAW will be a win for the entire working class — and a strong contract settlement at the Big Three will have positive impacts on bargaining for all of us, pushing up standards for workers across the whole economy.

Find a picket line near you here:

If you can’t get to a plant where UAW members are striking, join (or organize) an action at a dealership:

Ford, GM and Stellantis made a combined QUARTER-TRILLION DOLLARS in North American profits over the last decade. But the workers whose labor made those profits possible never got their fair share.

In the words of UAW President Shawn Fain, the autoworkers’ struggle is “a battle of the working class against the rich; the haves versus the have-nots; the billionaire class against everybody else.”


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