Help UE Preserve the Solidarity Mural in Chicago

January 24, 2024

Update, 2/14: We have secured enough funding to remove the most important parts of the “Solidarity” mural from the UE Hall in Chicago prior to new owners taking over the building, but are seeking additional donations to complete the task of removing the walls and to pay for virtual documentation of the mural. Please contribute to this effort.

Fifty years ago, a team of artists led by John Pitman Weber and Jose Guerrero created the “Solidarity” mural in the lobby of the UE Hall in Chicago, at that time the center of a vibrant working-class neighborhood.

With the neighborhood gentrifying, UE is in the process of selling the aging building — but is working hard to preserve the mural for the Chicago community and future generations.

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The mural tells the story of UE, industrial unionism, and related social movements in the style of Diego Rivera. For 50 years, it has served as a visual narrative of the struggles and triumphs of the working class, capturing the spirit of solidarity, resilience, and the fight for workers’ rights.

If you are interested in learning more about the mural, this 2019 article in the Chicago Sun-Times includes an interview with one of the muralists and spectacular photos of the artwork.

Photo of mural images of the people confronting fascist forces


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