Defending Reproductive Rights at Work

At Local 911, Chief Steward Emma woke up to an angry text from member Jane about having her time off request refused by the boss. Emma followed up with Jane at work later that day. “Look, Emma, this isn’t just a request to go have fun,” Jane said. “I need to take my daughter over to Pennsylvania to get an abortion, and we have to wait there for 24 hours before she can have the procedure. You know my kid–she’s got big hopes and dreams, and she doesn’t want to have a kid right now.

Hablando con los Miembros sobre Medicare para Todos

Bill Haywood, un Delegado de UE Local 814, estaba consiguiendo firmas para una petición en apoyo a un proyecto de ley de “Medicare para Todos” en el Congreso cuando confrontó algunos problemas. Se acercó a Lois, la presidenta de la unión, “Lois, necesito más datos. Mucha gente esta quejando de lo caro que es nuestro seguro médico pero tienen preguntas acerca de qué es un plan de seguro nacional de salud de pagador único. ¿Tienes algo que muestra qué tanto dinero ahorrarían los miembros bajo Medicare para Todos?”

Talking with Members about Medicare for All

Bill Haywood, a Steward at UE Local 814, was circulating petitions supporting the “Medicare for All” bill in Congress but ran into some problems. He approached Lois, the union president, “Lois, I need some more facts. Lots of people are complaining about how expensive our current health insurance is, but they have questions about what single payer health insurance is. Do you have something that will help members see how much money they will save under Medicare for All?”