UE-GE 2007 Contract Information: Tentative Agreement Summary

Summary of 2007-2011
UE-GE Contract Proposal

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Term of Agreement

Four (4) years.

General Wage Increases

June 18, 2007 – 3.0%

June 23, 2008 – 2.5%

June 22, 2009 – 2.5%

June 21, 2010 – 3.0%


Continue uncapped COLA with improved formula of one cent for each 0.08% rise in CPI-W (was 0.09%) with eight adjustments covering a 44-month period as follows:

December 2007, June 2008, December 2008, June 2009, December 2009, June 2010, December 2010, April 2011.

The new COLA formula represents about a 12.5% improvement over the preceding formula in inflation protection.

Incentive Rates

Same application as 2003-2007 Agreement.

Night Shift Bonus

Effective June 18, 2007 increase Night Shift Bonus for employees with less than five years from sixty cents ($0.60) to $1.00 per hour.

Progression Schedule

Effective January 1, 2008, reduce extended new hire progression from current three years to two years, to job rate by using six four-month steps. (Replaces current six month steps).

Wage Structure Adjustment

Effective June 18, 2007 add one cent per hour (40 cents per week for salaried) to all rates above $24.60 per hour, or R-18 if lower, with an additional one cent for each 15-cent wage bracket as follows, with no maximums.

Greater Than Equal to or Less Than Increment
$24.60 per hour $24.75 per hour $.01 per hour
$24.75 per hour $24.90 per hour $.02 per hour
$24.90 per hour $25.05 per hour $.03 per hour
... ... ...
$28.95 per hour $29.10 per hour $.30 per hour
(and so on)
Greater Than Equal to or Less Than Increment
$984.00 per week $990.00 per week $.40 per week
$990.00 per week $996.00 per week $.80 per week
$996.00 per week $1,002. 00 per week $1.20 per week
... ... ...
$1,158.00 per week $1,164.00 per week $12.00 per week
(and so on)


(Effective July 1, 2007 unless otherwise noted)

Guaranteed Minimum Tables

Increase to range of $34.00 to $70.00 (was $33.00 to $60.00). All levels in the middle of the tables also increased.

Regular Career Formula

Formula is improved by freezing the "break point" between 1.45% and 1.9% at $40,000 (was scheduled to float upward). Eff. 2008.

Career Pension Update

Will enrich pensions of those retiring under the regular formula. Applies to employees with 25 or more years PQS or those age 55 with 20 years PQS as of 12/31/06. (Effective 12/1/07 for pensions beginning 7/1/07 or later.)

Regular Supplement

Increased to $17 (was $16) and effective 7/1/09 to $18 for employees retiring between age 60 and age to qualify for 80% Social Security.

Special Supplement

Renewed, and is increased to $375 (was $350) for employees with 25 or more years PQS.

Pension Contributions

Contributions of 3% of pay will begin after $70,000 of annual earnings (was $60,000) effective 2008. This will result in savings of up to $300 per year in after-tax money.

New 75% Survivor Option

Added to existing 50% and 100% options. Effective 1/1/08.


Effective 12/1/07 will receive a structural increase based on the year of retirement and amount of service, with those who have been retired longest to receive the largest increases. Eligible surviving spouses will receive one half of the applicable increase.

Job and Income Security

(Effective June 18, 2007)

Renew SERO

Renew SERO for employees 55-59 with 25 or more years PQS, affected by a "job loss event." SERO 30 also renewed.

SERO "Window"

Window is reopened in 2007 and again in 2009. Eligibility for first window is limited to 500 applicants nationally, age 55 to 59 with 30 or more years, who have the most Pension Benefit Service (PBS). Second window is limited to 400 applicants age 55 to 59, with the most PBS, who must retire on October 1 or November 1 in 2007 and 2009, respectively. Replacements for window retirees are not guaranteed. However, local union officials will meet with management to discuss staffing needs following "window" retirements.

Plant Closing Pension Option (PCPO)

PCPO is renewed as is the Special Supplement Benefit Option (SSBO).

Voluntary Layoff and Special Retirement Bonuses

For employees age 60 or older with 15 or more years of PQS increased to $16,000 (was $14,000).

Preferential Placement

Opportunity extended to employees laid off for reasons other than a transfer of work or plant closing, who break service after 12 months. Number of designated locations increased to 10 (was 5). Relocation allowances increased to $3,500 and $7,000 (was $3,000 and $6,000) respectively for individual and family. Expense reimbursement for selection interviews increases to $250 (was $175) per visit.

Education and Retraining

Assistance in event of plant closing increased to $12,500 (was $10,000).

Individual Development Program (IDP)

Maximum allowances increased to $6,000 per year (was $5,000) with maximum for non-job related courses of $2,500 (was $2,000) and text book allowances of $250 per course (was $200).

Effective 1/1/08.

Paid Time Off

Veterans Day

Added as 12th paid holiday. Effective 2007.

Vacation Schedule

Improved to provide for two weeks for one year of service (eff. 6/18/07). All employees hired in 2006 and up to June 17, 2007 will receive a week or additional week of vacation this year.

Medical Insurance

(Effective January 1, 2008 unless otherwise noted)

Weekly STD

Benefits increased to $650 (now $600) and to $700 effective 2010.

Lifetime Maximum

Benefits increased to $3.0 million per person (now $2.5 million). Effective 6/18/07.

Preventive Care

Schedule allowances increased under CMB. Coverage added up to $100 for routine physical exams. New coverage for cervical cancer vaccine and vaccinations for shingles (age 60 and older) added.

Mental Health

Outpatient visits increased up to 45 per year (was 30). New coverage established for Halfway House for mental health and substance abuse.

Vision Premium Option

Contributory option established on 12 month schedule providing wide variety of vision products and services. Employees may opt in or out of this option annually.

Clinical Trials

Coverage expanded to additional federal and non-federal trials performed at high quality facilities.

Prescription Drug

Co-pays for generics unchanged. Brand co-pays increased to $22 (was $16) retail and $50 (was $36) mail. New tier of high cost specialty drugs added with co-pays of $25 retail and $50 mail. Prescription drug out of pocket maximum increased to $2,250 individual (was $2,000) and $4,500 per family (was $4,000) per year. Applies to active employees and those in PPDP.

Medical Specialists

Co-pay under HCP increased to $30 (was $25). However, co-pays for certain commonly visited specialists such as physical therapists remains unchanged.

Co-pays established under HCP for outpatient surgical and radiology (CAT, MRI, PET scans) at $100 each with maximum of 2 co-pays for family per year. In-hospital co-pay increased to $300 (was $150) per admission under HCP and CMB with a max of 2 co-pays per family per year.

Working Spouse

Contributions increased by $15 per week for employees in $50,000 to $74,999 wage bracket.


Contributions from pay will increase in 2008 and 2010.

Example of employee in HCP in $50,000 to $74,999 wage bracket:
Coverage 2007 2008 2010
one person $7.38 $10.85 $13.44
two persons $16.53 $23.47 $28.65
three or more $23.35 $33.76 $41.52

Example of employee in CMB in $50,000 to $74,999 wage bracket:
Coverage 2007 2008 2010
one person $9.49 $13.89 $17.23
two persons $22.67 $31.47 $38.14
three or more $31.80 $45.00 $55.01

Contributions will continue to be made on a pre-tax basis.

Dental Schedule

Increased. Effective 1/1/09.

Restorative and Prosthodontic

Allowance increased to $2,500 (was $2,000) per 24 months.


Lifetime maximum increased to $2,500 (was $2,000).

Dependent Life

Open enrollment into flexible choice option without proof of good health offered in fall 2007. Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage enhanced.

Retirees Medical

Lifetime maximum amounts increased to $150,000 per person in MCPP and GEMIP and to $100,000 per person in PHIP ($25,000 increases).


Co-pay maximums for pre 1/1/04 retirees remain unchanged at $1,500 per year. Retail co-pay unchanged, mail co-pay increased to $30 (was $25).

Pre-65 Retirees

Medical contributions increased by $2.00 week for individual and $4.00 week for family.


First day in-hospital benefit increased to $700 (was $675). PHIP also increased to $175 (was $150).


Newly Hired Employees

Employees hired 1/1/08 and after retain voluntary retirement with full pension and all supplements at age 60; retain full disability pension rights without medical contributions for dependents; and retain rights to SERO and other job loss event options on same basis as present employees if involuntarily laid off. Such employees will have $15,000 life insurance upon retirement and no company provided post-65 medical insurance. Medical insurance for early voluntary retirees ages 60-65 will be paid 75% by Company.

Death in Family

Now payable immediately to newly hired employees rather than after 30 days. Coverage expanded for same sex domestic partners.

Apparatus Service Shops

Tool and safety shoe allowances increased to $300 and $200 respectively (was $250 and $150). Minimum meal allowance increased to $34 immediately and to $36 effective 6/18/10 (currently $30). Minimum 25% pay differential for work performed in Mexico.

Emergency Aid Plan

Disaster relief grants expanded to include state-declared disasters.