UE-GE 2011 Contract Information: UE-GE Conference Board, Locals Prepare for Start of Bargaining

UE-GE Conference Board;
CBC Meetings Set


Preparations for next year’s fast approaching UE-GE National Contract negotiations are moving into high gear.

The next meeting of the UE-GE Conference Board has been set for Friday, December 3, 2010 to be hosted by UE Local 506 at the union hall in Erie.

The agenda will include a thorough discussion of Contract proposals for the negotiations, as well as a lay plans to engage and mobilize the members for what is shaping up as a most difficult set of negotiations next year.

CBC Meeting

The following month, Local officers and activists from Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) unions from across the country will be meeting in Evendale, Ohio.

The meeting, to be held on Saturday, January 8, 2011 will be co-hosted by the UAW and IAM locals who represent the GE workers at the large GE aircraft engine plant in Evendale, which is located in the greater Cincinnati area.

This meeting follows up on a successful gathering of CBC unionists held in Saratoga, NY four years ago.

In addition to the UE, Auto Workers and Machinists, members of the IUE, IBEW, IFPTE, and Steelworkers are expected to be in attendance.

Unity among all CBC unions is absolutely essential if we are to be successful in next year’s negotiations. The Evendale meeting will help us to coordinate as effectively as possible, the work of CBC unions as we prepare for June, 2011.

All aboard for Erie and Evendale in December and January!