UE-GE 2011 Contract Information: Retirees Rally (Media Advisory)

GE Retiree's Rally

To: Media Representatives
From: Ron Flowers, President of R.A.G.E.
and Roger Zaczyk, President UE Local 506
Date: May 9, 2011

Please be advised that the members of the Retirees Association of General Electric, R.A.G.E., and members of UE Local 506 and 618, representing about 4,000 GE workers will hold a rally on May 11, 2011 at 12 Noon.  The GE East Gate (intersection of Water and Main Streets) has been selected as the rally site.  Members of R.A.G.E. will assemble at the East gate and be joined by the Officers and Stewards of UE Local 506 & 618.

With the UE-GE contract negotiations starting shortly we want the public to know that the company has already told the Union that they intend to ask for increases in the cost of healthcare for its employees and some of its retirees. 

General Electric, by its own admission has weathered the latest recession better than most companies and, according to their annual report, GE is currently sitting on more than $79 Billion in cash.

Even though GE has all this cash on hand they still feel its necessary to drag more money out of the pockets of their employees and retirees in higher healthcare costs.  In addition to this the company has a solid and strong pension fund which only the workers have contributed to since 1987.  Most of the retirees have not had a pension raise in 4 years and some have had no raise in 7 year.  Its time for the company to boost the retirees pensions! 

The rally speaker list includes, Steve Tormey, Secretary of the UE-GE Conference Board, R.A.G.E. President Ron Flowers, UE Local 506 President Roger Zaczyk and Mary Stewart, President of UE Local 618.

Any pre-rally questions can be directed to Ron Flowers (814) 898-3375 or UE Local 506 President Roger Zaczyk (814) 899-3108

*In the event of inclement weather the Rally will be held at the UE Hall in Lawrence Park.