The Electric Eggplant #2

November 17, 2019
Our bargaining team met with management on Wednesday, and we made progress in several areas. Management agreed to contract provisions ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and requirements to fix damaged equipment that poses a safety concern. They also agreed to our proposal on union stewards. We got closer on the issues of  work schedules and leaves of absence. In addition, they withdrew their proposal to require that low-senior employees cover shifts when necessary on their off days, and their proposal to modify election leave.
While Co-op management also made a proposal on management rights, union recognition, bargaining unit work, progressive discipline and dues check-off, they are still proposing that we fully give up our right to strike during the term of the contract. At our union meetings many members said that maintaining some right to strike is a key priority, especially given management's unwillingness to resolve grievances under our interim procedure.  
Our next bargaining session is Wednesday, November 20.
Workers Sign Petitions Protesting Unfair Change to Policy

-At the All Worker Meeting at West on November 12th, workers handed General Manager Anya Firszt a stack of petitions signed by over a hundred workers company-wide demanding a reversal of the unilateral change to our long-standing ability to clock out early when our work is done. This change was made despite promises to the contrary by site directors, the Director of HR, and the General Manager when the points attendance system was announced back in May. Some department managers have already backed down and are now respecting past practice. Let us know if your managers have yet to show this respect for you and for the law.

*For those wondering who designed and drew our much-loved logo for The Electric Eggplant all credit is due to Melanie Schmidt (West).