Co-op Workers Unite

In the News

Willy Street Co-op is the largest non-union consumer Co-op in the country. Facing growing corporatization of our workplace, workers at Willy Street Co-op are uniting to ensure that we have a seat at the table in crafting workplace policy and to make the Co-op a better place to work so we can better serve the community. We are stronger together!

Our Program for Making Improvements at Willy Street Co-op and Putting People First

  1. A Fair Attendance Policy
    • ​No penalizing workers for being sick, no points if you have a doctor's note
    • A "grace period" - no points for being one to two minutes late
  2. Living Wages
    • ​Higher starting wages as promised in the past
    • Raises that reward our hard work and will foster longevity and help reduce chronic understaffing
  3. Job Security / Protections Against Management
    • An end to favoritism and arbitrary decisions regarding promotions, discipline and terminations - there must be just cause and a real grievance procedure
    • Hold managers to account for unprofessional and abusive behavior
  4. A True Voice at Work
    • ​Real input and involvement in decision-making by workers unlike what is the case now
    • No unilateral changes to policies and work rules
  5. Helping the Co-Op Live Up to Its Stated Ideals and Progressive Image
    • ​Revert the trend toward the increasing corporatization of the Co-op