What Co-op Workers Can Win

By standing united, Co-op workers just like us have been able to fight for better working conditions, policies, and pay by negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, or contract, with their employer. Some of the things that other Co-op workers in UE won:

  • Across-the-board pay increases and guaranteed annual pay increases. No more merit-based pay increases, every Co-op worker is entitled to good pay increases under a union contract.
  • Training pay and third shift differentials. Co-op workers are entitled to extra pay when taking on additional responsibilities of training co-workers or working over night.
  • Increased vacation time and the right to use their vacation. Co-op workers' requests for time off shall not be unreasonably denied
  • Fully paid public transportation so that workers can get to work.
  • Emergency vacation/sick time pool. Co-op workers can donate their extra accrued time off to help their co-workers who are in need.
  • Fair attendance policy. Co-op workers at Hunger Mountain Co-op negotiated a "grace period" so people are not penalized for clocking in one to two minutes late, and no points for a doctor's note.
  • Language that limits management's ability to monitor work performance by camera
  • Just cause protections. Co-op workers no longer are subject to arbitrary discipline and termination without just cause.
  • A grievance procedure. Co-op workers have the ability to fight back when unjustly disciplined or terminated. They will also be able to ensure that management is following the rules set forth by the contract.
  • The right to evaluate management. Co-op workers have the right to annually evaluate Co-op management.
  • ...and much more

In UE, the members run the union. We here at Willy Street Co-op will be able to craft our own proposals to take to the negotiating table. We are the union.