The UE Difference

In UE, the members run the union through rank-&-file democratic control. The members make the important decision that affect their own local unions.

This is why we chose the UE. They are known as the "Union for Everyone"  and have the same progressive values that we hold here at Willy Street Co-op. We wanted an organization that we controlled, because we are the ones who work at Willy Street. 

UE Guarantees Rank-&-File Democracy:

  • We will elect our own negotiating committee
  • We will vote to decide contract demands to present to the boss in negotiations
  • We will vote to accept or reject the union contract when negotiations are finished
  • We will control our own local affairs
  • We will elect our own officers and stewards
  • Every member will have the right to hold any office or position in the union
  • We will have the right to speak out and have our opinions respected as members in the union at local membership meetings

UE is the union for Co-ops. We run this union.

Check out the hand-out below that details what makes UE different from business unions