Maintaining Aggressive Rank-and-File Unionism

NOTE: This section of the UE website is no longer being updated, and may contain out-of-date information.

It is important to maintain functional, democratic rank-and-file unions while protecting the health of our members and doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore

  • We urge all UE locals to take CDC and other government recommendations about meetings and in-person contact very seriously;
    • In accordance with these guidelines, UE urges you to wear and provide masks during in-person union meetings that are held indoors, and leave a door or window open when possible;
  • Locals are strongly encouraged to find ways to continue democratic governance in cases where members do not feel comfortable coming to in-person meetings by:
    • Using alternative means of communication such as phone calls, texting, and where appropriate email and social media to keep members informed about workplace issues and union activities;
    • Using alternative means to meet and make democratic decisions, including conference calls, video conferencing, and online voting;
    • Seeking the assistance of UE national staff as appropriate to assist with the technology described above.
  • The national officers have encouraged the union’s field staff to use their best judgement to determine the safety of travel and attendance at in-person meetings. Depending on the nature of the workplace environment, it may still be appropriate to hold grievance and other meetings with management virtually or by conference call;
  • We encourage UE locals to monitor the UE website for further updates on recommended actions.