UE Union Stewards

May 8, 2019

Recently, the Company transitioned from the Kronos payroll system to the Ceridian and Dayforce system. Without running the software parallel or checking for errors, it appears they converted to the new system without ensuring it would work as needed. This has resulted in potentially hundreds of drivers being shorted a little or a lot on one or both of the April paychecks.

The Union has filed a grievance on this violation and needs your help in collecting information for the grievance and potential legal action we intend to explore. It is very disappointing that the Company could have such a negative impact on driver’s livelihood.

As outlined in Article 9, step 3, our contract says, “Stewards may investigate grievances during work time so long as there are no interruptions or interference with customer service due to such investigation by either the steward or any other employee”. The Union needs help to investigate individual drivers pay problems. Please ask every driver that you come in contact with for them to examine their pay on DayForce. If they cannot get into the system, they need to call payroll at Hallcon. Please email all driver pay shortages to the following emails:

Union email: uerailcrewhallcon@gmail.com

Hallcon email: hrgroup@hallcon.com

Make sure to include both email addresses when sending problems with the payroll. Click here to send an email to both addresses.