North American Solidarity Project

The North American Solidarity Project is a joint effort to transform the labor movement in North America based on democratic, militant, and social unionism, and true internationalism between workers in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

UE Delivers Cross-border Solidarity to Help Locked-out Unifor Workers

December 13, 2017

Reposted from Unifor's website

A UE delegation delivered a message to a Kansas company that has locked out 32 workers at D-J Composites in a small Canadian town.

UE delivered flyers last week to the headquarters of D-J Composites, which owns the Newfoundland facility where aerospace workers, members of Unifor Local 597, were forced out of work and locked out a year ago, on December 19, 2016.

The North American Solidarity Project


The North American working class and our combined labor movements face extraordinary challenges that call for bold ideas and new structures. Two years ago, UE’s 75th Convention committed to building the North American Solidarity Project (NASP) with Unifor, the largest-private sector trade union in Canada, in order to explore the possibility of building a continential labor alliance based upon democratic and militant social unionism and true internationalism.