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Local 150 Helps Elect Pro-Worker Candidates in North Carolina

30 November, 2017

Among the wave of progressive, pro-worker candidates elected in local elections on November 7th were several strong supporters of UE Local 150. Local 150 members in four North Carolina cities — Greensboro, Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh — hosted candidate forums, talked with their co-workers, met with candidates and participated in election turn-out work. All four cities saw their city government shift in a more worker-friendly direction.

In Greensboro, newly-elected city council member Michelle Kennedy wore a Local 150 t-shirt to her victory party, and both Kennedy and Steve Schewel, the newly-elected mayor of Durham, used UE Local 150’s name and logos in all of their advertising material, including prominent front page ads in local papers.

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Local 150’s Durham City Workers Union chapter is seizing the opportunity and joining with other labor and community allies to organize a Durham Workers Rights Commission. The Commission will bring together workers in all sectors to establish standards and expectations for employers, such as a Workers Bill of Rights that includes better wages, safety on the job, an end to sexual harassment & discrimination on the job, and more job security and union rights.

Other organizations participating in the Durham Workers Right Commission are Raise Up for $15; the We Dream in Black program of the National Domestic Workers Alliance; and the North Carolina AFL-CIO.