Prepare for 2020 and Our Future

May 30, 2019

Statement of the UE General Executive Board

The UE is committed to building strong, democratic, rank-and-file unions to enable workers to be informed and active participants in our communities.

The 2020 presidential primary and general elections will be of historic importance for workers, our union, the labor movement, and our country.

The issues that will define these elections are already becoming clear. Union members and locals need to inform ourselves about the issues and the candidates, their records and visions for the community and the country.

We encourage all UE members and locals, and the broader labor movement, to discuss the issues at stake in the upcoming primary and general elections: worker, civil, and immigrant rights; Medicare for All single-payer healthcare; climate change; and protecting our nation from corporate greed and the military-industrial complex. We also encourage discussion about which candidates best exemplify UE policies.

Delegates arriving to the upcoming August 25-29 76th UE National Convention in Pittsburgh should be prepared to debate, discuss, and vote on resolutions outlining a working-class vision for the future of our union, the labor movement, our country, and humanity itself.