Take action this weekend to save the post office and demand Medicare for All

August 21, 2020

There are issues and problems that working people face which cannot be addressed at the bargaining table, and we have the right to expect that our governmental bodies and representatives will respond to the needs of the people. Tomorrow (Saturday, August 22) there are two opportunities to join volunteer-led, socially distanced events as part of two National Days of Action:

1. Save the post office! As the COVID-19 pandemic has made doing anything in person dangerous, working people depend more than ever on the mail to get our medicine, to get paid and pay our bills, to keep rural America connected, and to exercise our right to vote. But after decades of disinvestment, coupled with the devastation of the pandemic, the Postal Service will run out of money if Congress doesn’t immediately approve $25B of emergency funding.

If Congress can find trillions to bail out corporate profits, they can fund this essential public service, which provides hundreds of thousands of good, union jobs and is written into our Constitution.

Go to your local post office at 11am local time, or find an action near you here:


Can’t make it on Saturday? APWU, the union of over 200,000 postal workers, is organizing rallies at post offices across America on Tuesday, August 25:


2. Join National Nurses United and the Medicare for All campaign for a day of action for Medicare for All

UE demands Medicare for All because it would take healthcare off the bargaining table, ending our employers’ constant demand for healthcare concessions, and also because it would benefit the entire working class.

Find an event near you here:


No event near you? Sign up here to take a solo action: