The THRIVE Agenda: A Bold Plan for Working People and the Planet

September 15, 2020

UE is proud to join over 100 organizations and more than 75 representatives and senators in endorsing the THRIVE agenda, a bold plan to address the economic, environmental and social crises facing working people and our country.

The agenda, developed by a coalition of labor, environmental, youth and community organizations, would:

  • Create millions of union jobs
  • Invest in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities
  • Fight environmental injustice
  • Avert climate catastrophe
  • Reinvest in public institutions

Take action

Call Congress and tell them to support the THRIVE agenda:

“The Thrive agenda recognizes the central role that workers play in our economy, and the central role that unions play in winning justice for working people,” says UE General President Carl Rosen.

“The Thrive agenda also makes a commitment to workers and communities affected by economic transitions with high-quality job creation, retooling and conversion of factories, and reclamation and remediation of closed facilities.

“This is the way that we fight to ensure that workers who currently have good jobs in carbon-intensive industries won’t be left behind by the coming transition, the way that so many were by the deindustrialization of the 1980s or the free-trade globalization of recent decades.”

Economists estimate that a bold economic renewal plan, as outlined in the THRIVE Agenda, would create nearly 16 million new jobs and sustain them over the next critical decade. THRIVE would essentially eliminate the unemployment crisis.

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