West Virginia State Employees Thank School Employees for Solidarity

March 6, 2018

For more information, contact:
Gordon Simmons
UE Local 170, West Virginia Public Workers Union
2110 Kanawha Blvd East, Suite 101
Charleston WV 25311
304.395.6294 cell
Mail to: Simmonsg@marshall.edu

UE Local 170, West Virginia State Workers Union, expressed the gratitude of the union’s membership to the striking public school personnel and teachers who insisted that state employees receive the same 5% pay increase they had demanded.

“We are grateful to the determination and solidarity shown to us by our fellow public workers,” said Jamie Beaton, President of Local 170. “Coupled with the commitment to secure full funding for PEIA, the action of school district employees represents an historic milestone.”

“For too long the politicians have tried to pit the interests of school employees against state workers,” added Beaton. “From now on, both county school and state employees will act together to advance the working conditions that we have in common. Fixing wages and health benefits will no longer be deferred by dividing us, and we have the rank and file members of WVSSPA, ATF-WV and WVEA to thank for changing the game.”