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UE News Updates

California Renzenberger Drivers Vote to Join UE

19 February, 2014

In February, by a margin of nearly 2 to 1 over the incumbent company union, Renzenberger rail crew drivers at more than 30 rail yards covering the length of California voted in a mail-ballot election to be represented by UE. Like Renzenberger drivers who have previously joined UE in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey and Ohio, these workers suffered from low wages, outrageously unfair work rules, abusive bosses, and lack of benefits.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Jim Crow - A Legacy of Injustice

14 February, 2014

Since the birth of UE Local 150, the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union, in 1998, one of its central goals has been the repeal of North Carolina General Statute 95-98, which outlaws collective bargaining and union contracts for all state and local public employees. Local 150 delegates and leaders often tell other UE members that this law is a “Jim Crow law.” For Black History Month 2014, the UE NEWS asks, “What is Jim Crow?”

Stepan Workers Beat Two Tier, Negotiate Raises, Other Gains

13 December, 2013

Local 1421 members at Stepan have a new three-year contract with 2.5 percent raises each year. The contract was settled in just two bargaining sessions.

“We really didn’t give anything back,” says Local 1421 President Bryan Martindale. “We made one concession in order to fight off a greater evil.” The company tried to impose a two-tier wage system, calling the lower tier a “training wage.” “They wanted to hire people at $6 less per hour. We beat them on that.”

UE Local 684’s Gains at TEMCO Include Wages, Healthcare, Call-in Days

11 December, 2013

After four months of bargaining including two extensions, the members of Local 684 members on November 26 approved a new five-year agreement with The Electric Material Company (TEMCO). The new contract includes yearly wage increases of 1 percent, 2 percent, 2.25 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent.  The first raise is retroactive to October 4, the original contract expiration date. Each member will also receive a signing bonus of $1,600.