New Contract with Flex-Y-Plan Brings 9% in Raises to Local 697

October 16, 2007

UE Local 697 has reached a new three year agreement with Flex-Y-Plan, which raises wages by four percent the first year, three percent the second, and two percent the third year. The settlement was reached on September 18 and ratified by the members on September 19 – the day the old contract expired.

Disability income benefits are raised from $300 per week to a maximum of $350. Employee laid off two weeks or less before a holiday will now receive holiday pay.

Each calendar year the company will pay up to $100 toward purchase of approved safety and work equipment for each employee. Employees will be able to use up to five existing vacation days per calendar year as "same day vacation" days, with no requirement that the worker schedule the day in advance.)

The company agreed to meet with the local union leadership during working hours once every two weeks for thirty minutes to discuss current concerns between the company and union. This was a hard-fought gain from a company that, until now, had insisted that all union-related meetings be held outside of working hours.

The bargaining committee consisted of Sue Falk, president; Terry Falk, vice president, and Shawn Harman, financial secretary. They were assisted by International Rep. Deb Gornall.


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