General Executive Board Meets, Finalizes Convention Plans

August 13, 2015

UE’s General Executive Board met Thursday to review developments over the past three months and make final preparations for UE’s 74th National Convention, which will begin on Sunday.

President Bruce Klipple led a discussion of proposed amendments to the UE Constitution, mainly related to finances and pay of staff and officers. The board discussed and approved the proposals.  

Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Dinkelaker reviewed the schedule for the convention, including speakers and a march and rally planned for Monday. Dinkelaker also went over the proposed assignments of delegates to the convention’s standing committees. He also reviewed scheduled activities of the UE Young Activist program, which will begin on Friday, August 14.

The board read and discussed 11 resolutions to be submitted to the convention and approved them, with a few amendments.

Director of Organization Bob Kingsley gave a report on organizing work, including updates on GE, Renzenberger, the Nebraska Service Center, internal organizing in Iowa and West Virginia, and a new campaign at a food cooperative in Pittsburgh.


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