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Young Activists Learn UE History and Learn About Logistics Industry

16 August, 2015

Saturday, August 15 was the second day of the two-day Movement Makers Conference for UE Young Activists, leading up to the UE 74th National Convention which begins Sunday morning. Young activists learned more about the warehouse and logistics industry, after leafleting a huge Amazon warehouse the day before. UE International Rep. Mark Meinster explained the central role this industry plays in the U.S. and world economy; the low wages, widespread wage theft, and horrific working conditions endured by logistics workers, most of whom are subcontracted “perma-temps” lacking job security and basic rights; and organizing strategies to change all this.

In the afternoon the young UE members participated in a class on UE history, with presentations by UE News Managing Editor Al Hart, labor educator and former UE Field Organizer Bill Barry, and Local 150 Vice President Angaza Laughinghouse. Brother Barry then led the activists on a Baltimore labor history tour.