Hallcon Drivers Prepare for National Bargaining

February 6, 2018

Drivers across the country who work for Hallcon Corp. have selected their bargaining committees for upcoming negotiations to renew UE’s national contract with the company. "Currently, we have surveys out throughout our different areas and we are having conversations with drivers on the priorities they are willing to fight for," said UE Local 1077 President Laura Johnson. "As all UE members know, a bargaining committee is much better prepared when they know exactly how where and what the members are willing to fight for." Local 1077 represents Hallcon drivers in California and Nevada.

"Our contract expires August 23rd, and drivers are expecting real raises," said UE Local 1177 President Larry Hopkins. "We will work hard to get a good contract and we need our members to be involved every step of the way," he added. Local 1177 represents Hallcon drivers in Illinois and Indiana.

The Master Contract between Hallcon Corp. and UE covers approximately 1,100 employees represented by four UE locals. In addition to Locals 1077 and 1177, UE Local 716 represents Hallcon drivers in Ohio and UE Local 155 represents Hallcon drivers in New Jersey.

No dates for bargaining have been set thus far. The Union is planning extensive bargaining training for bargaining committees in March.

Local leaders are recruiting Contract Support Committee (CSC) members, drivers who agree to help pass out union literature and get word from the members to the bargaining committee. If you would like to get involved call (312) 829-8300 for more information.


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